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Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance Life insurance: It can be also called as life assurance, especially in the Commonwealth, is the contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurer or the assure, where the insurer promises to pay the designated beneficiary a sum of the money (the benefit) in

Life insurance companies

Life insurance companies Life insurance companies: The Special exclusions may apply, such as the suicide clauses, whereby the policy becomes null or void in case if the insured commits suicide within specified time (usually 2 years after the purchase date; some of the states will provide a

Group Insurance policies

Group Insurance policies Group Insurance policies:┬áThe specific uses of the terms the “insurance” and the “assurance” are sometimes very much confused. In general, in the jurisdictions where both the terms are used, the “insurance” refers for providing the coverage for the event that might happen due to

Term Insurance Premiums

Term Insurance Term Insurance: The Term Insurance provides the life insurance coverage for the specified term. The policy does not accumulate the cash value. The Term insurance is significantly less expensive as compared to equivalent permanent policy but it will become higher with the age. The policy

Universal life insurance

Universal life insurance Universal life insurance: The Universal life insurance (UL) is relatively new insurance product, that intended to combine the permanent insurance coverage with the greater flexibility in the premium payments and along with the potential for the greater growth of the cash values. There are